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3 girls, 1 puppet

Posted in Films by Keegan on January 13, 2009

Again, Austin Peters asked me to shoot something for him. This time a short film involving 3 girls and some magic mushrooms. The film is not yet edited, but here are a couple random stills from the shoot. Didnt have much t

This is going to be the last project I am going to D.P. for someone else. It was good times, but I gotta stick to doing my own thing for a bit.


More Photos after the jump.


We shot on an HVX with a 35mm adapter for Canon EOS lenses. Looked pretty decent. Lots of light loss though.


Danny helped with sound on his free time while not tackling the Super Mario Brothers Script…



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  1. The Hook said, on November 19, 2011 at 7:59 am


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