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Sharing Water!

Posted in Photography by Keegan on March 31, 2011


Check out the trailers for RVCA’s debut surf film, “Sharing Water”! The first is all footage I shot on a trip to mexico with them. The second has a bunch of amazing footage from all over the place from all different people. I’ve had a sneak preview of the film, and its gonna be awesome. Really stoked how they went out on a limb and tried something different with that first trailer of all the abstract backwash footage.


Posted in Graffiti, Photography, Travel by Keegan on March 26, 2011

Here are some photos from our trip to Amsterdam. Cant really show too much, but got some great stuff.

Click for  (more…)

hurt feet

Posted in Graffiti, Photography, Travel by Keegan on March 23, 2011

Realized in Paris I definitely dont get enough walking done at home… and also realized the true value of a decent pair of shoes…  (more…)

crack n shine

Posted in Films, Graffiti, Travel by Keegan on March 20, 2011

Right now I am in Europe working on a project with Will Robson-Scott, an amazing graffiti action photographer from London. His last book, Crack n Shine, had some amazing photos in it. Right now, we are working on the sequel, that will be featuring his action photos and my films from across the world. We just spent some time in London, and are now in Paris. More coming soon.

i dont wanna hear it

Posted in Beach Culture, published, Published Work, Surfing by Keegan on March 9, 2011

Matt Archibold for RVCA. Really stoked to be working with such a good group of dudes at rvca.

life’s a gas

Posted in Beach Culture, friends, T-Shirt designs by Keegan on March 1, 2011

Sam McGee for Freedom Artists.