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some questions.

Posted in Films, Photography by Keegan on February 28, 2009

From time to time I get someone emailing me with questions that range from “what camera do you use” to “what are your suggestions for an up and coming photographer/director?” etc…

Even though I don’t see myself fit for answering some of those questions such as “what should I do”, and although I do see this as somewhat egocentric and self-serving, I copy pasted my answers to a recent interview I did with questions from a Brooks Institute photographer in hopes it will explain a bit more about me and some other things.



Chief x Papa x Dawes

Posted in Films by Keegan on February 25, 2009

Here is a quick clip of Darren Weiss crushing it at the show. The clip was shot with the 5D mkII. Audio is not from the camera. The full video will be up soon.

Notice the way the full frame sensor handles the lens flares. Shot with a 24mm 1.4L prime. Wide open.

$5 and a bad idea. – pt. 2

Posted in New York, Tattoo Journal by Keegan on February 22, 2009

Jack had a little tattoo practice party tonight. Here are some pretty self explanatory photos. Enjoy.




papa got a brand new box.

Posted in New York by Keegan on February 21, 2009

Awoke this morning to the fed-ex guy buzzing the door to deliver Darren the first run of the Papa record. They are playing a show tomorrow night that I am documenting, and these came rushed from LA for the show. Look for the CD on iTunes in the very near future.



You dont know jack.

Posted in New York, Tattoo Journal by Keegan on February 21, 2009

My friend Jack Greer just got a Tattoo gun. Here is one of his first tattoo’s he did yesterday on himself. He also did the fingering vagina zine’s among many other low key infamous zines.



Posted in friends, New York by Keegan on February 19, 2009

I went to the RVCA x Erin Wasson Fashion show. This is a small world. Click to see some more photos and the story.




Thicker than Water

Posted in New York, Surfing by Keegan on February 14, 2009

My favorite surf movie of all time, and possibly my most influencing reason to pick up a camera in the first place was a surf movie called Thicker Than Water. If you don’t know about it, please watch it, even if you don’t surf or even know anything about surfing.

There is a very short scene in the movie that takes place in NY. During this scene, there is a street performer singing a great tune. The song and his voice, although it was only a a 20 second clip or so, has stuck with me since.

Today, on the way back downtown from checking out the photo exhibit and the Arms and Armor section of the Metropolitan museum, I walked into the subway at 77th street and lexington to get on the 6 towards downtown, and I hear a voice that instantly sounded soo nostalgically familiar. After 5 seconds of listening, I knew it was the same guy from Thicker Than Water. I asked him if he knew about it, and he was obviously completely confused. I also asked how long he had been street performing, and he said probably around 10 years. Thicker than Water was shot in 1999, so this is the 10 year mark.