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Santa Cruz, SF, and back.

Posted in Beach Culture, friends, Open Spaces, Photography, RVCA, Surfing, Travel by Keegan on November 26, 2011

This is the second installment of my road trip with the RVCA dudes up north to SF and back. Once we got to SF, we got some super fun waves at Ocean Beach, where there was a contest being held. Big shifty beach break peaks were fun.

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Los Angeles to Santa Cruz

Posted in Beach Culture, friends, Open Spaces, Photography, RVCA by Keegan on November 17, 2011

I just did a small road trip up to San Francisco with some friends from RVCA to shoot some of Al Knosts new line with rvca, as well as shoot some winter wear. The crew was Al, Tanner, Ellis who is in town from Australia, Ford, Jack Coleman, Matty and brought along Travis for the ride too. Been shooting a bunch of “scenic/landscapes” lately, not really sure why. When I was younger I looked past landscape photography. I never really appreciated work by photographers like Ansel Adams until lately. Not really sure why, but I have been running with it a little bit. The 101 north has some beautiful and photogenic landscapes and is especially conducive to the feeling of a continual interest of mine, exploring open space. Not a whole lot going on between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz on the 101.

Anyways, click for more. Going to separate this post into a few different segments because there are a ton of images. Check back for more in a couple days. Going to attempt to get back onto this blog every couple of days since I have been shooting a ton, and I should be putting stuff up on here daily at the least. CLICK FOR


walking dog

Posted in Beach Culture, friends, Skateboarding by Keegan on November 4, 2011