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what is littering my floor right now

Posted in Uncategorized by Keegan on January 29, 2009

These are some books/magazines that have been laying on my floor of my room the last couple weeks. Just got the “Heavy Metal” book by Alex Fakso, which I suggest you check out. All graffiti action photos of subway painting in Europe. More after the jump.



Papa “What You Can’t Leave Behind”

Posted in Films by Keegan on January 13, 2009

A music video for a friends band called Papa that I just finished. Click to watch.

3 girls, 1 puppet

Posted in Films by Keegan on January 13, 2009

Again, Austin Peters asked me to shoot something for him. This time a short film involving 3 girls and some magic mushrooms. The film is not yet edited, but here are a couple random stills from the shoot. Didnt have much t

This is going to be the last project I am going to D.P. for someone else. It was good times, but I gotta stick to doing my own thing for a bit.


More Photos after the jump.