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Apple iOs 7 Wallpaper



A few years ago I remember seeing an article on a photographer whose image was licensed by Apple for the background of the new iPad. I always thought it was a cool way to get your photo distributed to the masses. Two months ago while checking my email early in the morning in bed, I almost deleted an email mistaking it as spam or some junk mail. After rereading the two line preview, I opened it and it was from someone in the art department from Apple. Attached was a photo of mine they had pulled off of my website and asked if I was interested in licensing it to them. Well fast forward to yesterday, Apple released the new iOS 7 operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. If you update your phone, or buy a new iPhone, my photo above is one of the stock background options you can select. For the last couple months I didn’t say anything in fear of jinxing it until I actually saw it for myself. Update your phones or iPads etc and take a screenshot and post it and tag me (instagram @keegan_gibbs) ! Pretty pumped that my photo is on potentially tens or hundreds of million peoples phones or devices across the world. Surreal to say the least.

The image was shot a few years ago in Indonesia while on a surf trip in the Mentawai islands. The image is actually upside down, so what looks like the sky is actually under water, the the water surface is just below the surface. I showed this image a few times at different art shows, and the image was also used in a collection with RVCA, used as a T-shirt graphic, a cell phone case and a board short. And now, Apple has extended its life.

BJ Penn

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BJ_Penn-6425A couple weeks ago I flew to Hilo, Hawaii to shoot a mini-documentary character piece on the MMA UFC Legend BJ “The Prodigy” Penn for RVCA. I really cant express enough how humble, genuine, talented and an overall great guy BJ is. It is often rare to be such a successful public figure and maintain grounded, true to family and friendly values, not be over zealous with money and material things and overall to be respectful to any and everyone you come across. To me, MMA and the UFC in particular have a pretty negative connotation, filled with jock mentality, steroids, bad graphics, and tough ego guys. The practice and discipline of training however, is something I appreciate, and BJ breaks all those stereotypes and more in my book. This was shot a week before his latest fight. BJ has been fighting in MMA and UFC for over 10 years. Thanks BJ for the hospitality in Hilo.

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Right At Dawn

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Almost a year ago, a good friend of mine had just finished writing his novel called “It’s Really A Story of The Weather,” a story of a young man, leaving behind his life in Los Angeles for the chase of big waves, adventure, love and solidarity deep into the heart of Mainland Mexico. I read the story, and instantly felt attached, personally as a surfer who has felt the need for big barrels, but more so, the yearn for adventure and finding the unknown.

After some discussion, we came up with an idea to visualize the story. We would work together in breaking down the novel and shoot a photographic interpretation of his book, allowing the words and photos to walk the audience through the story together as separate elements, each with their own power but with the same goal.

We are releasing the book in 21 chapters online, at each week a new chapter will be released and the story further told.

Please, check out the site, read along, check out our instagram where we are also posting a single photo and excerpt every morning, and let us know what you think.

Thank you

Keegan  –   Right At Dawn


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Alex Knost in New York strolling the boardwalk. Shot for RVCA.

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Shot the local Malibu punk band, “Runman” named after the cult classic 80’s surf film series that inspired me to pick up a camera in the first place. We shot these images in Venice Beach at their garage. Click for


Installation Magazine

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The Debut issue of Installation Magazine, a rad California based culture arts publication, did a pretty rad piece with a bunch of my photos in it. It is available now in print version and online. Check their website for more info. (more…)

booger mcgee

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Sam McGee is gracing the windows of local malibu surf and skate shop Drill with a Freedom Artists ad that I shot (the portrait). Peep game!