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Posted in friends, New York by Keegan on March 31, 2009

Jack Greer had his senior show last night at Pratt. It was sick and I made out at the end with a couple of pieces.



my sunday.

Posted in Films, New York, Photography by Keegan on March 30, 2009

dont ask. there will be an explanation soon once it permits. ask Austin Peters.

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captain america

Posted in friends, Photography by Keegan on March 29, 2009


My long time friend Austin Embelton just left a couple of days ago for Iraq as a Marine for his first tour. I wasn’t home to wish him good luck and say goodbye in person. I wrote the following essay and words to try and make up for it.

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Posted in Photography, Surfing, Travel by Keegan on March 27, 2009

Got around to scanning the instax shots from the trip to Puerto Rico. Here are the last few. I have also replaced all the old ones with these new scans so there is a bit more detail.


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a vacation from vacation.

Posted in Photography, Surfing, Travel by Keegan on March 22, 2009

Finally we got in the water for some surf on Friday. It was a couple feet overhead on the sets at Maria’s. It is a point break/reef break kind of set up. Peaks all over, predominantly rights, with some fast lefts with air sections.
Saturday we kicked it at this spot called Crashboat with a bunch of weekender Puerto Ricans that were wilding out. Pretty funny.


This was taken from the balcony of the place we are staying in in Rincon.

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Posted in Photography, published by Keegan on March 20, 2009

The new Juxtapoz issue just came out. Here is a scan of the portrait I shot of Augor for the opening spread of the big article they did on him.


Go to a newstand, pick up a copy and check the article. Enjoy.


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For the last 6 weeks, I have been slowly starting to go a little crazy. A couple weeks ago I realized why.¬† Yes, it is hard to go without surfing for a while, but I have gone much longer than 6 weeks. But, I haven’t gone that long without feeling the sensation of floating weightless in the ocean. Without sounding too cheesy, it’s magical. The oceans salt water has a cleansing feeling you cant simulate anywhere else. I miss this too much by living in the city.

So to make it short, I had to get out of there for a bit. Flights from JFK to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on Jet Blue are really cheap right now thanks to the recession, so I, along with some friends, took advantage. Here is the first day in PR. Some good surf should start arriving tomorrow and last through the weekend. Fingers are crossed. Click¬† for more…