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Zuma Beach Umbrellas

Posted in Beach Culture, Open Spaces, Photography by Keegan on August 22, 2012

I have been shooting a lot of film lately on a Canon 1N. This is a series of images I shot of umbrellas at Zuma Beach on one roll of Portra film. I have been increasingly interested in objects that exist individually, such as a single umbrella in the same. Also, it plays a similar roll to these collages I have been doing of circles above horizons, just in a slightly different manner.

During the summer months the lifeguards throw up the black ball flag and you cant surf past Noon, so with the weather being nice I burned the shit out of the bottom of my feet after getting called in by the lifeguards and I walked up the beach until the roll was finished. Click for  (more…)

two days

Posted in Beach Culture, friends, Open Spaces, Photography, Surfing by Keegan on March 27, 2012

Sunday, rain, wind and winter. Monday, sun, glassy and spring. Click for  (more…)

spring time at home

Posted in Photography by Keegan on March 21, 2012

When the stars align, there is a combination of swells, and spring conditions. Just need to add a few extra feet.

its been real nice

Posted in Beach Culture, Open Spaces, Photography, Surfing by Keegan on February 14, 2012

A couple of photos from around the way from the last week or so. Not bad for the middle of winter.  (more…)