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Posted in Beach Culture, Surfing by Keegan on September 21, 2013



I have been shaping surfboards a bit recently. Always have liked working with a more hands on medium, and surfboards seemed like a good fit to fulfill that tactile desire.

Here are a few. 


Surfboards-6934 Surfboards-6926 Surfboards-6925 Surfboards-6920 Surfboards-6909 Surfboards-6815 Surfboards-6905 Surfboards-6899 Surfboards-6896 Surfboards-6892 Surfboards-6887 Surfboards-6885 Surfboards-6879 Surfboards-6877 Surfboards-6866 Surfboards-6865 Surfboards-6864 Surfboards-6855 Surfboards-6851 Surfboards-6844 Surfboards-6832 Surfboards-6830 Surfboards-6820

Must give credit of the beautiful glassjobs were done by Mangiagli in the south bay. Designed by me.


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  1. Mishatsky said, on September 22, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Great job! Wish I could have a board like one of these one day:)

  2. EdP said, on May 2, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Keegan- I caught your show on PlutoTv and was wondering if you have a surf board for sale for my daughter? She is 5’5″ and has never surfed. We live 2 hours from charleston sc and this is her year to start. I am also interated in some House Beer….local retailers do not have it around here- how do we purchase in SC. Thank you- Ed

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