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Posted in Photography, Surfing by Keegan on March 22, 2010

Jesse Billauer’s story is motivational. In 1996, when he was only 17 years old and on his way to becoming a pro surfer, Jesse was paralyzed while surfing Zuma, my local beach break, rendering him a quadriplegic.

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However, this has not prevented him from continuing to surf. He continues to travel around the world as a motivational speaker, surfing along the way.

Last week, the possible next step was taken for Jesse’s surfing. Wave Drive Systems built an electric powered motorized surfboard, with a control system just in front of Jesse’s chest to get himself into his own waves, in and around the line-up etc…

Check out Jesse’s Website and read his story and see more photos and video of him surfing and keeping the dream alive.

The crew.

Jesse stoked.

Im sure stand-up surfing kooks will be frothing over these boards! Now they wont even have to break a sweat and they can keep one hand free to make phone calls to each other while on a wave!

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  1. Desiree said, on March 22, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    wow, this is sooo dope. I am incredibly happy that he has a way to get back out there. very inspiring!

  2. Eric said, on March 23, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Good to hear he never gave up….big ups to all his homies…that help out with him being able to live his dream!!!

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