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Posted in friends, Photography, Surfing by Keegan on September 27, 2009


A week or so before I left for Indo, the Malibu community gave Dusty the proper send off, waterman style: the paddle-out. There must of been several hundred people in this circle. That is a large boat on the other side of the circle to give some sort of scale.

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As many people have mentioned before, Dusty was a true living legend in the Malibu community and beyond. He will never be forgotten and his legend will just continue to grow.



People often measure the success of ones life by what they leave behind. Although Dusty was a community leader for multiple causes such as environment battles with city council, his son Skylar, as well as daughters Alicia and Ashley, are the biggest signs of accomplishment.


I have known Sky since I was a little kid and, as much of an asshole thing to say, I would never have guessed how good he would fill the shoes of his dad’s, and at such a young age already. So, the legend of Dusty, to me, Lives on through Skylar.

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