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Bali swell pt. 3

Posted in Indonesia, Photography, Travel by Keegan on September 20, 2009


As this post goes online, I will already be just pulling up to the first surf on a boat for 2 weeks, in the middle of Western Sumatra, Indonesia. Hopefully the waves will be pumping. I am heading there with a handfull of friends and some strangers who I am sure will become friends. There will still be new posts on here while I am away, just timed and spread out. So keep checking back.

These are some photos from the last week in Bali, the end of the big swell, and a couple other randoms.

Click for

Monkey at the Padang Padang checking spot above Impossibles, which is in the background, peeling away.


Another shot of Padang.


And another…notice the guy that just got spit out of the tube into the channel on the wave in the foreground.


Padang Monkeys. Big and small.


Large Uluwatu. Towing in.


Obey, holding it down Bali, Indonesia style. Worldwide for sure.


The calm after the swell. Sunrise rainbow from the balcony of the villa.


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