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4 points

Posted in Photography by Keegan on July 16, 2009


Point Dume. 2009. (more…)

the 5

Posted in Photography, Random Photos, Travel by Keegan on July 14, 2009


A few days back I did a road trip up to San Francisco to visit my sister for her birthday. I took a few photos along the drive of the landscape. It always blows my mind that there is such vast open land such a short distance from the hectic city of Los Angeles.  Here are a couple of random shots of the emptiness.

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zach irons

Posted in friends, Photography by Keegan on July 13, 2009


A while back I met this young kid Zach Irons. Im not quite sure how to describe him other than he is a musical genius, with a really unique attitude and character. A while back Logan and I made a video of Revok and Augor painting a Dark Knight billboard. The music track that Logan chose to use was an obscure one that Zach had made screwing around one day. People consistently ask where to find the track and who it was done by. Here is this man.

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bloody decks

Posted in Photography, Travel by Keegan on July 12, 2009


A few days ago I went fishing with a handfull of family members in Mexican waters.

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hit and run

Posted in Photography, Published Work by Keegan on July 10, 2009

Picture 19

This image I shot for the company, Hit and Run, was just run in a double page ad in Filter magazine. Click for the scans.


spring break ’99!

Posted in friends, Photography, Random Photos by Keegan on July 9, 2009


Fourth of July 2009. Come home safe Austin! You will be on the beach soon enough…

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sure shot

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Unfortunately, the waves are more often small and barely rideable at home than they are good. Fortunately however, some of the most enjoyable sessions I have had were below waist high.

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