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paint the ceiling like Michelangelo

Posted in New York, Photography by Keegan on March 18, 2009


I am going on a surf trip for a few days tomorrow. I am losing my mind in the City hearing about all my friends getting really good waves at home, Westward. Did a test shoot today with Louise while everyone got barreled. Haven’t processed them all yet, but here are a couple before I leave. As Dylan Lynch says “Paint the ceiling like Michelangelo.” Click for more.

All shot inside my apartment with natural light.







The following photos are from a new Fujifilm Instax camera I just got yesterday at B and H. Great substitute for the discontinued polaroid cameras/film. The aspect ratio / size is awesome. close to 35mm. Art courtesy of Nick Darmstaedter.



Simonez styled the shoot. Found that sick Keith Herring jacket. Dylan Kawahara did makeup.


Nick. He doesnt smoke, so it is funny.


And I am glad to say that I got onto the roof again today after I finished shooting by ringing a couple peoples buzzers in the apartment adjacent to mine and convincing someone to let me up.  Magically my skateboard AND laundry were still up there. Read the post prior to this to hear the full story.

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  1. logan said, on March 19, 2009 at 3:38 am …….take notes.

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